Welcome to the Forest of DREAMS!


During Spring 2016, we involved the entire community in a neighborhood art project that beautifies the northside by DREAMS of Wilmington. The final mural has 76 creatures each representing different community groups or sponsors. The rest of the forest was designed/painted by 600+ volunteers who helped make this mural come to life. 

We will have a documentary, songs, stories, poems, coloring book, lesson plans and other materials attached to mural at this website for the community to enjoy. 

Forest of DREAM Song

To see a timelapse of Wally the 22 foot alligater click here!


Short Documentary by Sarah Shapiroentary g

To host events at the Forest of DREAMS please contact DREAMS at:  910.772.1501 or at: http://dreamswilmington.org/

Wall Before Mural

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